Water sprays are typically used in underground and above ground mining operations to prevent and extinguish fire, disperse methane gas, knock down dust, cool machinery, wash product, pollution control and more. We have the largest selection of high performance spray nozzles and spray systems for all your mining and minerals processing applications.


  • Dust Control – Widest selection of misting nozzles and spray bars for ROM bins, crushers, transfer points, screens, chutes and stock piles
  • Fire Protection – Hundreds of UL certified nozzles for high pressure misting, wet chemical and deluge systems
  • Washing – Spray nozzles specifically designed for high impact washing, ensuring efficient washing of coal, ore, screens, and conveyors with minimal water usage
  • Sulphur Burning – Specialty sulphur burning guns and nozzles
  • Gas Cooling – AutoJet® gas cooling systems, CFD analysis, FloMax® dual fluid nozzles and custom spray lances
  • Pollution Control – Flue gas desulphurization, gas scrubbing, emergency quench, condensers and mist eliminator wash
  • Evapouration – WhirlJet® spray nozzles and systems for spray pond evaporation
  • Lubrication – Air atomizing nozzles and AutoJet lubrication systems
  • Foam Control – Standard FullJet® and non-clog maximum free passage FullJet nozzles
  • Mixing – Tank mixing eductors up to 4" in 316 stainless and nitride hardened for slurry dam mixing