WindJet® Air Nozzles


Air nozzles can help you improve performance, reduce noise and save on air costs in drying, cooling and conveying applications. Options include:

  • WindJet nozzles that convert a low-pressure volume of compressed air into a targeted, high-velocity, concentrated stream or flat fan of high-impact air
  • Compact WindJet nozzles with performance similar to standard WindJet nozzles but are just 1-5/8″ long, and ideal to install in spaces with limited space
  • WindJet variable air amplifiers that deliver a superior amplified air stream for fast drying and blow-off
  • WindJet manifolds equipped with WindJet nozzles mounted on a pipe to produce a flat fan spray with very high impact
  • WindJet air control system for controlling the flow of compressed air to a WindJet manifold
  • WindJet air gun – handheld air blow-off gun that is ideal for mobile air control applications
  • UniJet® nozzles that deliver a uniform flat spray pattern of air with medium velocity
  • FloodJet® nozzles that also provide a flat spray pattern but are suitable for use with air and steam