SprayDry® Nozzles Offer Complete Control of Particle Size and Consistency


Spraying Systems Co.’s SprayDry nozzles have been widely used around the world for decades. We’ve continued to refine our line of products adding features to improve performance, increase versatility, extend wear life and speed maintenance. For spray drying milk, coffee, detergents, flavorings, dye stuffs, soaps and more, we’ve got the nozzles you need.

The most recent enhancements to our spray dry nozzle lines include:

  • Easy configurability to exact specifications
  • Drop size control via the nozzle’s capacity and pressure to minimize powder waste
  • Hand-tight design eliminates the need for tools and reduces maintenance time
  • Maximum free passage core and cap design to reduce clogging
  • New anti-bearding design reduces the risk of contamination and simplifies maintenance
  • Integrated check valve to help avoid wetting inside the dryer
  • A broad range of carbide options for orifice and core can help improve wear resistance

Choose from three styles:

  • SK Series SprayDry Nozzles for low flow applications
  • SB Series SprayDry Nozzles for medium flow applications
  • WhirlJet® SprayDry Nozzles for high flow applications

Special materials and coatings are available if our standard line of tungsten carbide materials doesn’t provide the needed wear resistance required for your application. Be sure to request a consultation.

SprayDry Nozzles

SprayDry Nozzles