Spray Analysis and Research Services, a division of Spraying Systems Co., was established in 2000 to help solve spray problems and optimize spray performance. Our services help eliminate excess scrap and reduce maintenance and operating costs. Backed by 70 years of experience in spray analysis and working with more than 200 industries, we deliver fast, actionable solutions for real manufacturing challenges.
Operations that require precision spraying typically benefit the most from spray analysis. Chemical, food, pharmaceutical and pulp/paper manufacturers with coating, spray drying, gas cooling and marking applications are among those who utilize our services.
Whether you utilize our consulting, prototyping and/or testing services, you will gain specific, documented information you can put to use immediately. You are under no further obligation to us. If you request further assistance, we’ll refer you to other divisions within our organization for nozzle/system purchase or production. Or, you can choose to implement the solution yourself or contract with others. Once we’ve delivered the solution you need, our role is complete. However, most of our customers use our services on an on-going basis in an effort to optimize spray performance to keep pace with changing process conditions and changing technology.

Tools of Our Trade:

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD): Simulate and predict spray performance using actual process conditionsc
  • Phase Doppler Analyzers: Based on the principles of light scattering interferometry, these point sampling, flux-sensivie instruments are most effective in measuring the drop size and velocity of medium to large sprays
  • Particle/Image Analysis: measures the size and shape of drops emitted from both opaque and transparent sprays
  • Laser Diffraction Particle Analyzer: uses light scattering to measure small to medium sprays with a curve-fitting program that converts the light intensity distribution into drop size distribution
  • Spray Nozzle Patternator: measures spray distribution by collecting the liquid into channels aligned perpendicular to the spray nozzles. This volumetric distribution data is used to determine the optimal spray nozzle height and overlap required in various applications

Additional instruments available in our labs: customized wind tunnel, impact measuring device, laser imaging, AutoJet Modular Systems and fluid handling/mixing equipment.

CFD Analysis of Spray Dryer
PDI 2-D Particle Analyzer
2-D Phase Doppler Particle Analyzer
Particle/Image Analyzer