Pressure Wash Nozzles

Optimizing Performance in Pressure Wash Operations

Spray nozzles may seem like a small component in a pressure wash operation, but they can have a huge impact on your profitability. Using the wrong nozzles or worn nozzles can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars annually:

  • A poor quality wash can results in lost customers
  • Excessive downtime and increased labor costs can result when nozzles don’t perform properly
  • Operating costs can escalate from spraying more water and chemicals necessary to do the job
  • Pump wear and increased energy bills can result as pumping equipment operates at higher levels to keep up with increased flow rates or pressure losses

Full Range of Pressure Wash Products

We offer nozzles that clean faster with less streaking, nozzles that reduce chemical consumption and nozzles that last longer and minimize maintenance time.

  • WashJet® Spray Nozzles: Available in threaded and quick-connect options, these high-pressure, high impact solid stream or flat fan spray patterns provide uniform distribution. There are several styles from which to choose including MEG/QCMEG, IMEG/QCIMEG and ZMEG/QCZMEG depending on wear life and level of stabilization required
  • PowerJet® Spray Nozzles: Oscillating solid stream delivers a flat spray pattern that is 50% more powerful at the same pressures than conventional flat spray nozzles
  • Spray Nozzle Maintenance Program: Learn what causes nozzle wear and how to prevent costly problems from occurring
ZMEG and Quick Connect QCZMEG Spray Nozzles

ZMEG and Quick Connect QCZMEG Spray Nozzles

IMEG Nozzles

IMEG Nozzles

PowerJet Nozzle

PowerJet Nozzlee