Pollution Control Solutions Using Spray Technology

When it comes to spray technology used for pollution control, there’s little room for error. Nozzles must be thoroughly tested, deliver the promised performance and be available with reasonable lead times. We excel in these area … and that’s why we are the preferred source in the global marketplace for spray products.

Our advantages include:

  • Extensive product line – more nozzle types in more sizes, materials, capacities and connections than other manufacturers. Plus a wide range of spray lances and injectors
  • Manufacturing facilities around the world equipped with spray laboratories. Spray coverage, flow rate, drop size, spray angle and various quality control tests are conducted routinely and test data is available upon request
  • Global manufacturing of silicon carbide and other special materials: We do not rely on outside suppliers to produce our silicon carbide nozzles. Our in-house capability allows us to control delivery and offer more competitive pricing. Hastelloy®, Stellite® and other high performance alloys are material options for most nozzles in addition to a wide range of metals and plastics

Learn more about our products for:

Wet FGD, emergency quench, air oxidation, humidification

Mist eliminator washdown

Dry/semi-dry FGD, chemical injection

Gas cooling/conditioning

FloMax nozzles used in gas cooling

Gas Cooling: FloMax® nozzles provide effective gas cooling without wetting to ensure compliance with emission regulations.

Chemical Injection

A hydraulic fine spray nozzle is used to inject glycol into gas lines to prevent freezing.

Spray Nozzles are used in scrubbers and absorbers

Spray nozzles used in scrubbers and absorbers must produce precisely sized drops to ensure proper gas and liquid interaction and effective gas conditioning.