Optimizing Cleaning, Coating and Drying Operations in Can Manufacturing

Quality is paramount in can coating and cleaning. Uneven coating and incomplete cleaning can cause costly QC problems quickly because of fast line speeds. Not only are our products designed to ensure quality, they can help reduce coating material costs, reduce maintenance time and extend the interval between nozzle replacement. Optimizing Cleaning, Coating and Drying Operations in Can Manufacturing
Can Coating Spray Tips Provide Patented Spray Pattern Distribution and Use Less Coating Material Than Competitive Nozzles

Coating material is costly! It is the second largest expense following aluminum facing most manufacturers. Changing to our can coating spray tips can have a significant positive impact on your bottom line.

Beverage Can Coating Nozzle
  • A unique tip orifice design produces an asymmetrical spray distribution that is calibrated to the shape of a 2-piece, 12 oz. or 16 oz., 2.4 inch (61 mm) diameter beverage can
  • This results in the coating material being applied exactly where it is needed. Overspray is eliminated, reducing the amount of coating material used and the weight of the can
  • An orientation notch simplifies nozzles replacement and ensures proper orientation
  • Use with our AA26AUH-24200-2 1/2 automatic spray nozzles and Nordson spray guns. Click here for tip compatibility and replacement chart
Can Wash Riser Ensures Uniform Cleaning

Now you can be sure that every area of every can – even those in hard to reach places in the washer – is effectively washed and rinsed. Our Can Wash Riser was design to specific can dimensions and ensures correct nozzle spacing and optimal spray coverage. Narrow angle nozzles and precise nozzle spacing allows the spray to effectively penetrate the conveyor mat without knocking over the cans.

Can Wash Riser
Our risers can also be used with hollow cone nozzles in a pasteurization process to ensure a uniform distribution of liquid over the entire conveyor width.

When equipped with ProMax® QuickJet® spray nozzles, significant maintenance time reductions can be achieved. With a simple quarter turn, nozzles can be installed and removed in seconds, without any tools. QuickJet nozzles are constructed of ProMax, a glass-reinforced engineering grade of polypropylene, which offers excellent chemical resistance and durability. ProMax nozzles minimize caking problems that are typically experienced in the chemical stages of the washer.

ProMax Quick VeeJet®
Blow-Off and Dry Cans Quickly and Cost-Effectively

Our customizable WindJet® Air Knife packages offer a unique solution for can blow off and drying. For example, water can be removed from the domes of empty cans between washer stages without disturbing the cans. Filled cans can be dried as well – even the smallest of drops – without disruption.

The unique design of the WindJet Air Knives directs a high volume of air out of the knife in a straight, uniform, stream. Consistent control of the air stream along the length of the knife combined with various blower output options makes it possible to effectively blow-off and dry-off any can design. WindJet Air Knives are also lightweight and easy to maneuver. and the regenerative blowers are energy-efficient, a low-cost alternative to a drying systems using compressed air.

WindJet Air Knife Packages