Electronics Industry Nozzles

Printed circuit board (PCB), integrated circuit (IC) and CRT display device manufacturers require spray nozzles that provide consistent spray patterns and superior chemical resistance. Our product line includes a multitude of spray nozzles and accessories geared to their specific application needs.
PCB manufacturers are looking for nozzles to increase product yield. We offer a wide assortment of spray nozzles for developing, rinsing, plating, etching, resist stripping, deburring, and conformal coating. Made from chemical- and corrosion resistant Kynar® PVDF thermoplastic, polypropylene, and stainless steel, these nozzles are designed to stand up to high temperatures and a wide variety of chemicals.
If you’re looking for spray nozzles that offer consistent spray patterns along with superior chemical resistance, we have the solution. From developing, etching, and pumice washing of wafers to dicing and photo-resist spraying, we offer a selection of spray nozzles designed to maintain the purity of your clean room and effectively deliver the etchants, water, and neutralizers sprayed in the IC manufacturing process.
CRT manufacturers count on our spray nozzles to provide the consistent spray performance and chemical resistance needed for photo-resist coating, graphite coating, etching, washing, and air blow-off applications. With materials of construction ranging from stainless steel to ABS plastic, we offer an assortment of spray nozzles designed to meet your exact requirements.
When selecting the proper spray nozzle for your application, you need to understand the effects of flow rate, pressure, spray pattern, material hardness, spray impact and drop size. We can provide the spray nozzles and accessories you need and the expertise to get the most from them.
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