Custom Design Nozzles

Need a Customized Solution? We Can Help with Everything from Private-Labeling to Design and Fabrication of Nozzles, Lances, Injectors, Headers and More

With more than 87,000 different spray nozzles from which to choose, our standard product line meets the needs of many customers. However, many OEMs and some end-user customers call on us for specialized solutions – which we are able to accommodate with ease. Some of the more common requests include:

  • Private labeling with unique part numbers
  • Special materials of construction
  • Custom maintenance and operating instructions
  • Special packaging
  • Design and manufacture of custom devices to ensure efficient liquid delivery to the nozzles and help optimize spray system performance
    • Custom spray injectors and lances are often required in special materials, in special lengths and with special connections
    • Custom headers and manifolds are frequently needed for applications where nozzle placement and positioning are critical

We also work with customers that are looking for a new way to spray or a nozzle for a unique application. In addition to designing a unique nozzle, we typically build prototypes, fabricate small product runs for testing and conduct the performance testing in our spray labs prior to the initial production run.

If your machinery/equipment or production process requires a spray product that is a little or a lot out of the ordinary, don’t hesitate to ask. We’ll apply our 70 years of spray expertise to efficiently develop a cost-effective solution.

Custom Design